Saturday, December 27, 2008

Color sorting pompoms

Nugget is really into colors these days. She has them down pretty well, but she seems to like the opportunity to practice. When we had large Christmas lights lining the driveway, she would walk down the line touching each and saying the color ("purple.... red.... 'ellow....").

One of her favorite activities is sorting colored beads onto dowels (we found this activity at a local children's resale store). I decided to try to make a similar, but hopefully different enough, activity on my own.

We have a bunch of pompoms of various colors that sit around for use in whatever crazy way Nugget comes up with. I dug up construction paper in matching colors and folded paper boxes. I put out a bowl with some pompoms and the boxes next to it, then demonstrated removing one pompom and placing it into the appropriately colored box.

We started with just red and yellow. Nuggest showed no interest for about a day and a half, but after a bit of encouragement gave it a shot and has come back to it a few times since. She much prefers to pick up a handful of pompoms and drop them all into one box, then remove the wrong ones. Hey, seems more efficient to me!

Tonight I folded up 3 more colors of boxes. Maybe that will provide more of a challenge.

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  1. Hey Jen - this is inspiring and looks like a lot of fun! I think my little *nugget* will also enjoy this! Keep it up!! I can't wait to hear what you do next!-Nancy


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