Monday, February 23, 2009

Tongs: A study in three images

Nugget still doesn't quite get the tongs. She seems to have fun with them, though, so I'm just letting her figure it out on her own.

First, she uses her hand to pick up a pompom and shove it into the tongs grasped by the other hand.

She uses both her hand and the tongs to transfer the pompom.

She reverts to proper form to drop the pompom into it's place.

I really need to get around to refreshing her activities. She pulls them out occasionally, but nowhere near the frequency that she used to. I'll probably come up with a couple new activities and re-accessorize a few of the favorites. She still isn't feeling 100%, though, so she doesn't have the most patience with things or the longest attention span. I may put out just a couple simpler activities for the time being.

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