Thursday, July 29, 2010


I know this is mostly Montessori-oriented stuff, but I wanted to share a blog that I've been obsessed with the last few days and find so inspiring.

It's called let the children play, and it's a blog about a play-based preschool in Australia.

But this is a DREAM play-based preschool. They trucked in dirt and made a dirt/mud hole for the kids to play in. They take walks into the bush and jump off logs. They set up an environment with tons of scrap items and let the kids have at it.

This has really inspired me to think more about giving Nugget more very-free free play. Right now she has lots of time to play in her playroom or art area, but the materials there have a fairly conventional use (Lego, animal figures, puzzles, etc). I would love to provide her a mud puddle and a bunch of logs and step back.

In that vein, my husband and I have decided to turn the one shady area of our yard into a more child-friendly-yet-still-wild place this fall (when the Florida summer has let up). I'm not sure how much Nugget will take to it -- she doesn't really like to be dirty -- but Sprout is definitely showing signs of being into messier pursuits.


  1. That is a pretty fun blog - remniscent of the good old days before everything was too dangerous (or before the life of children became scheduled down to the minute).

    We used to have a giant pile of dirt in our backyard (it was unfortunately leveled by a tractor in a missunderstanding of directions a couple of summers ago). Beeper, who didn't normally cared for being dirty at that time, loved to play there. He would spend as long as we'd let him sliding down that hill. I really miss it. Maybe we can get the tractor back to make a new one.

  2. We have an award for you at our blog. See

    Thanks for the great site!

  3. Yes, I am a big fan of Jenny's blog, too. she does some neat things with her children.
    Thanks for sharing:)

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