Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scavenger hunt: Antarctic snacks

Here's my bonus post. :) Snacks in Antarctica!

At the Australian base, "expeditioners live mostly on frozen and canned food, supplemented to a small degree with hydroponically grown salad vegetables. At the beginning of the season, or following the arrival of a ship, some fresh food becomes available. ... With such a wide variety of frozen and canned food available today, expeditioners enjoy a mixed and interesting diet, very similar to what they would eat back home. The stations are stocked with about 700 different varieties of foods each year." But when going out into the field, even on short trips, researchers have to bring emergency ration packs. These include "freeze dried meat and vegetables, rice, pasta, biscuits, dried fruit, soups, muesli bars, desserts, chocolate, tea and coffee."

Thanks to the Australian Antarctic Division whose website (http://www.aad.gov.au) is totally amazing!


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  2. Very neat that you found out about what they eat in Antarctica. Thanks for sharing!
    Thank you for playing, for making all of the cool recipes, and for the great photos.
    Hope that you and your family had fun...looks like you did!
    Will be sending you the international cookbook and the pdfs, along with some special prizes for being the first to turn in your posts and for finding out about the Antarctic snacks, too...
    Am going to wait til Friday for everyone to link up.
    Here is my blog post for you to see:
    Hope that you will play next month too...August Theme: Shapes in Nature!

  3. Hi Jen,

    You won the prize! Yippie!

    Here is the link to the wrap up post:

    Thanks for participating!
    Hope that your family had fun!

    I will need your addy for the gift card or gift basket.

    Please email it to me at cmbmomof2@yahoo.com

    Will email you the pdfs tomorrow.

    Congrats and thanks again for playing.

    Hope that you will play next month too:)


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