Sunday, August 22, 2010

PL follow-up

Ok, I'm totally following you guys who choose fine motor refinement activities to put out. Makes sense to me. And I love the idea of a progression or other organization of activities.

But my manual (from NAMC) doesn't have that progression or categorization (I thought the PL one was pretty worthless). Can anyone point me in the direction of a list or resource for that?

Edited to add: Found one list....

ETA #2: And this one....


  1. Counting Coconuts has a wonderful slideshow in the right bar,called activity trays. Definately worth a look!


  2. Hello, please visit my blog and take The Versatille Blogger Award here:

  3. My album is from the Karen Tyler course.
    She has it really nicely organized in sequential order. The list you found on The Joy of Learning is very similar.

  4. For $5 you can get the toddler or the 3-6 "comprehensive list" from Montessori for Everyone...that's what I used for my PL sequence because it included some extra "at home" things not in the Gettman. Gettman is pretty good though if you already have it.


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