Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, I made a good go of it. But I've found we're just not at the point yet where we can get back into the room on a regular basis. It didn't help that the week I tried to get us back there was the busiest week in a while, with Nugget's birthday and a visit from distant family.

Even after that all cleared up, though, we just aren't running on enough of a schedule for me to be able to know when we'll have a stretch of time to work in the room. Nugget's been grabbing herself some time in the room, a few minutes here and there, but except for the one day we haven't really had a work period.

That wouldn't be quite so hard to overcome or work around except for the fact that I have no time to keep things updated. I used to work on new materials and refreshing and organizing the room in the evenings. That time is now taken up with Sprout's witching hours -- when we're alternating walks outside (the only place he stops crying in the evening) with nursing sessions on the couch. Even those times that my husband is holding him, I'm just too drained to get my brain moving enough to do what needs to be done.

As I said, the room hasn't been completely abandoned. Nugget will grab a few minutes in there for herself sometimes, and we spent about 20 minutes in it together one morning. She actually chose Sensorial works, which is very different. But it shows that we've been away for a while -- she put the Pink Tower together incorrectly! Her mind just wasn't into it.

We're all distracted and out of sorts. Perfectly normal for having a 6 week old in the house. But I am a little sad and definitely starting to miss our time together in the room.

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