Saturday, May 29, 2010

New source of Montessori downloadable, printable materials

I got a message on playschool6 (a Yahoo group for Montessori homeschoolers) that there was a new store online with downloadable, printable Montessori materials -- Montessori By Ayashy.

Places like this and Montessori for Everyone are great for me right now. It's stuff I could make myself, but never seem to find time to actually do.

I found a problem with the site while I was browsing around, and Yana sent me a sample of her materials after I emailed her about it. I liked it enough to download a number of the materials -- I ended up with some of the samples of Sensorial extensions as well as the baby animals matching and controlled word building. The baby animals will be perfect for my animal-obsessed daughter, and I think the controlled word building hits right about her ability level in language these days.

I'm happy with the materials, and I like having another option in addition to Montessori for Everyone. Hopefully there will be more materials popping up there soon!

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