Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So I'm starting to get antsy to start up some homeschooling again. But I'm still feeling so overwhelmed and burned out on the preparation work. I was working for hours each night, making materials and setting up activities, and I can't do that long-term. But I do want to do some work with her.

How do you do it? How much time do you put in to your prep work? How do you keep from being overwhelmed?


  1. 1 word.....appletini. ;)

    I find the fun in it. I believe energy can effect what we work on so that it can affect the kids (hopefully I put those in the right order!) but if its not enjoyable....perhaps it is time for art day, week, or month....maybe season. look to the joy and you will find strength, ideas and dread will be a thing of the past.

    be sure to find time for you so you are free to see the joy. thats my new lesson I am learning. itd be lovely to have another along for the ride. wanna come?


  2. I focus on one thing at a time. I realized that a three hour work period was not feasible for us and accepted that. We do school in bursts throughout the day. We don't change up the works so much and we don't do themes so much. We focus on PL, sensorial, and math and language and every few weeks I do a blitz to prepare the culture materials for two weeks. We mostly do culture through reading books right now though to be honest.



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