Friday, October 1, 2010

Continent swap

I'm totally drooling over the results of the continent swap on Mondorfment . Nugget is starting to ask about different parts of the world, so I need to start thinking about getting things in gear. I'm sure I'll get a ton of inspiration from the blog hop, but finding time to make and buy materials.... that's the hard part!


  1. Check out my blog this week... I'm hosting a bloghop for items in your continent bins, and where I've gotten mine.

  2. Hey Jen,yo can register to win some of the continents bin contents that Honey made on her blog and that Leann made on her blog. I did not make up a set to give away but the next time we get together, if you want some of what I made for Asia, I will give them to you. We had an awesome time doing the swap! You should join in on our future swaps! We are doing one on native tribes of North America and one for items for light tables.
    Will email you the details if you don't know about them already...also, got your comment on my post about the Glazer Children's Museum. We bought an annual pass and it is totally worth it. Nugget would love it and so would her baby Bro in a few months, too...
    we need to try to get together one of these weeks. Will email you to try to set something up and just to touch base. Happy Sunday!


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