Monday, October 4, 2010

Geometric solids!

I'm so excited! I just rounded out our collection of geometric solids!

I've been wanting them for a while, but wasn't happy with any of the sets I found on the various Montessori sites. I really bought Margaret Homfray's guidance and wanted smaller shapes with more variety.

What I ended up doing was getting was the set of 19 solids from Learning Resources which covered a lot of the list. The big gap was the Platonic solids, which I just couldn't find anywhere! Thank goodness for playschool6, where someone pointed me to the Gallery of Wooden Polyhedra in Japan. I paid $35 for the small set of solids and shipping and got them in about 2 weeks. They're gorgeous and exactly the right size to match up with the rest of my solids. I'm so excited!

I'm going to try to hold off working on them with Nugget until we do some 2D geometric work. But.... maybe I won't be able to!


  1. Hello,

    Great blog. What size are your solids, more or less?


  2. Did you run across my platonics here on my own blog, or my website yet? They are also wood but larger, and maybe too fragile for the youngest ones, maybe for later on as they grow!


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