Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2, still moving

We continued more of the same today. Nugget didn't go to any of her materials that I have set out, but she was interested in doing the new worksheets. I also had another "game" -- matching bones with words like inside, between, on, etc to the appropriate pictures of dogs. She got a kick out of giving the bones to the dogs, and did that game twice (once with me, once with my husband). She also did the shape game again with him.

I really need to get some new hands-on materials out. I also need tougher worksheets.

We've got the small order of Montessori materials on the way -- moveable alphabet, smelling bottles, number rods. Nugget is asking for the pink tower, brown stair, and red rods. But it's a lot of money for those. I know they're the basis of the sensorial materials, but I just can't convince myself that they'd be used THAT much. My husband and I have been looking into ways to make our own, but no one who's done that seems very happy with how it turns out. I'm so torn.

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