Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Supplies arrive; pics of Sensorial

Our Montessori supplies arrived a day early!

I've gotten everything out of its shipping boxes and done a basic verification that the shipping list is correct and everything is in one piece. There were 3 things backordered -- small number rods, color tablets #3, and the stand for the red rods.

After the big unpacking, I started going through everything individually. I decided to start with the Sensorial materials, first labeling the box on all four sides with the name of the material (the provided labels are quite small) and then carefully examining each material and running through an exercise.

The pink tower. I was impressed with this material -- it's very solid and pretty heavy. It feels very substantial.

The brown stair was also very substantial. I love the look of the natural finish; I'm really glad I put the extra few dollars into that option.

The red rods don't feel quite as heavy as the pink tower or brown stair, but still feel solid.

The knobbed cylinders are fabulous. They're beautiful! A few cylinders fit a bit more loosely than the others, but not so much that anyone else will notice. :)

The smelling bottles are plastic bottles with a perforated top and lid.

The sound cylinders are pre-loaded with material. The far ends are easy to tell apart, but the middle ones are tricky! I think I'm going to have my husband try them with me and make sure we agree on the pairings. The cylinders don't come with a control of error, so we'll have to pair them and then mark the bottoms so that Nugget can check her own work.

The knobless cylinders are perfect. And so inviting! I wanted to sit down and arrange them all right away.

This is the mystery bag with geometric shapes. I didn't really expect it to include two bags, but there you go.

I realize now that I didn't photograph the baric tablets. Now those are tricky! I might actually have to resort to a very sensitive scale to mark them for control of error.

After going through all of the Sensorial material, it was too late in the evening to dig into the rest of the shipment. So I packed everything into our newly-dedicated homeschooling closet, and I'll start going through everything else tomorrow night!

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