Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 5, day 4: Recentering

Although I hadn't scheduled any official Montessori time for a few days, Nugget has gone into the room on her own a few times recently. It seems the animal and botany puzzles have become her recentering activity of the moment.

This changes frequently -- for a while it was jigsaw puzzles or stamps or books. Right now it's telling stories to herself while doing the same puzzles over and over again. It's interesting to watch. She goes into the activity scattered and easily aggravated. Then she becomes totally involved in what she's going and starts to talk to herself. Occasionally, she'll pop out with a question for one of us. If you listen to what she's muttering and asking, you'll sometimes notice that she's kind of reviewing the day. Questions about things from earlier will come out of nowhere.

She worked on this for nearly an hour, distracted only when her Dad woke up from his nap.

After a break for some play time, I made up a game using some beanbags she was throwing around. I wrote all the letters on a huge sheet of packing paper, then handed her a bag and gave it a name ("This is a mommy bag. This is a bunny bag.") Her job was to take the beanbag to the letter sound that the word started with. We did this for quite a while, and I was able to nail down the few letters she needs help with (hearing a/e, i/e, and r/w, recognizing b/d/p). This'll be a great help for the next few weeks; I can feel like we're making progress in the language area instead of just review.

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