Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 5, day 2: Arctic animals

New material: new Sandpaper Letters and noun cards, arctic beginning sound matching

Today went pretty much as I expected. Nugget was drawn immediately to the new arctic animals, and she did them just fine. There was a slight confusion with igloo (e or i), but we got that straightened out and all the rest went without problem.

Since this was the first time these animals were out, we spent a while talking about each, looking at photographs, and watching videos (like building an igloo and dog sledding).

After she disengaged with that activity, she wandered for a bit, asking what was new and looking at the Sandpaper Letters, yoga cards, and color shades. She settled on the Knobless Cylinders, doing the remaining 3 boxes. We built towers of the green and red, then worked to arrange the blue in height order (identical diameters, differing heights). That wasn't easy for her, plus she was starting to disengage.

She went back to the animals, but was starting to break down. I sat down at a distance and tried to stay uninvolved, but she started to remove the animals from the activity and I had to step in and get her to put it away.

She took about a 10 minute break to wear her cardboard wings and pretend to be a bee in a honey tree (that's the theme for today, apparently) while I stepped back. After that, she funnel poured for about 5 minutes, then spent some time digging in the orange sugar. Then my husband came home from his run and I had to get her hands cleaned up. Nugget tried to show her daddy the animal activity, but she just wanted to play with them. Her concentration was shot; that was the end of our work time.

As I'd expected, she only really wanted to work with new materials. Like I said, I think it's going to take a while for her to readjust to the idea that things are more stable.

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