Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 8, day 2: Super-Mom

We got into the room today, but I can't say I'm on top of my game. I've been having mild to moderate contractions for a few days now because Sprout's head is tilted to one side. So I'm trying to pay attention to Nugget's Montessori, do the positioning exercises the midwives recommended, and encourage/work through the contractions.

Nugget's been interested in counting, so I added the 0-5 Sandpaper Numbers to her Small Number Rods. I'm not sure I love the idea behind the Number Rods, and Nugget didn't seem to be making the connection. I know she can count, I just don't think the idea of the Rods resonates with her. So I set out counters to associate with the numbers. This interested her a lot more, but she wasn't able to set the numbers out in the correct order when she worked with them on her own.

My solution was a sheet of paper with the 0-5 numbers written on it. As a control of error in this introductory phase, I put dots for her to place the counters onto.

She enjoyed this a lot and did it multiple times in a row.

The other stuff she did today is a bit fuzzy. They were brief stops; I think the puzzles, I Spy book, marbles, flower arranging, Sandpaper Globe, Sound Bottles, and Smelling Bottles. I could have stretched out her interactions with each of these except for the afore-mentioned distractions.

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  1. Oh I love this, simple yet effective. I'm gonna have to steal your idea when I start homeschooling in the fall.


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