Friday, March 20, 2009

Alternative activities

Nugget hasn't been too interested in the new activities I set out. She's done them once or twice, enough so that I know she understands them. But she just isn't taken with them. So I'm trying to learn from her lead, see what she's drawn to and how I can launch off that.

She has shown an interest in drawing and stickers. So I've set out paper and crayons, a plate of sticker sheets, and some Color Wonder paper and markers (MUCH neater for a kid who loves to draw on her hands). She can get them out on her own and make little masterpieces. Too bad she FREAKS OUT if I try to hang them up around the house. Pulls them right down. "No hang up!"

Gardening's still a big hit, so we go outside a lot. She waters plants and digs holes. I've had to keep her out of my vegetable garden now that it has tiny little sprouts, but she keeps occupied in the herb garden and the area we're clearing out around the heat pump.

Another one of her favorites is the bins of beans and rice. I have a smallish bin -- 15x12 or so -- on the kitchen counter by her Learning Tower. That one is filled with 4 different kinds of beans and her "cooking" pans and spoons. Outside on the lanai we have an underbed box filled with 15 pounds of rice, spoons, bowls, a pitcher, and scoops. She'll spend 10-15 minutes of alone time with that rice. She'll pour it out occasionally, but a warning usually stops it. She really likes the rice -- today she was getting frustrated while working on a puzzle, so I suggested we go out and play with the rice. On her way out the door she said, "I cheer up!". I think that means she likes it. :)

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