Monday, March 9, 2009

First shot at spring scene activity

I introduced the spring scene this morning, even though I didn't have the goal photos prepared (see previous post). Nugget fooled around with the birds for a while, but really seemed to want a purpose (well, she did seem to have fun putting birds in the tree and claiming that the purple mommy bird was reading to the other birds).

So I grabbed my laptop and pulled up the pictures I meant to print. It didn't work nearly as well as I think real photos will, but we got somewhere.

This activity seems to be just right for her at the moment. She has no problem with the idea of matching an existing pattern. But the stretch is to reproduce that pattern somewhere else. A couple of times, she tried to lay the birds on the laptop screen directly. It took a fair amount of guidance to replicate the patterns on the posterboard (and the distance from the images to the scene didn't help -- I really want to be able to lay the photos right next to it).

But the concept seems to be within reach. I saw marked improvement in the few minutes we worked on it, which usually means that she's just about to get it.

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