Monday, March 2, 2009

Shaving cream!

This one was just for fun. I emptied about half a can of cheap shaving cream into the tub for Nugget to play with. I expected hair styles for the bath animals, sculptures, and lots of smooshing.

Instead, I got this.

That's Nugget, trying desperately to clean herself up but just making things worse. My little neat-freak hated having the shaving cream on her -- even just on her hands.

I guess I could have anticipated this -- she doesn't like finger painting, either. Where did that personality trait come from?!

1 comment:

  1. This isn't task oriented. No finish to it. And I guess not "play" oriented other than the texture. Maybe hide plastic animals or little people in it so she has a toy to find and play with? Or color it with food coloring and see if she pretends it is water/mud/etc? Or put it in the fridge and make it cold and call it "snow"? Let her cover a ball with shaving cream and make a face for the "snow man?"

    If you mix one cup of shaving cream with one cup of emler's glue you can finger paint on paper and it will dry puffy....kinda like meringue.

    Just some random thoughts. ;-)


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