Monday, March 2, 2009

Thinking through the process

I've been quiet on here recently. Part of that can be explained by the fact that our family's been fighting through a number of food reactions and illness. But part of it is that I'm feeling a bit stuck.

I've got a lot of blogs that I check regularly that have crafty ideas and Montessori ideas. But I feel like Nugget's in a tough in-between place, maturity-wise.

She's interested in letters and words. But she's pretty short on motor control (fine and gross) and she's not great at following multi-step instructions or working on something for the process -- she wants to do it, finish it, and move on. So I'm having a hard time finding or coming up with activities that catch her attention but that she's capable of performing.

Hmm. Writing out that helps me a bit. Instead of coming up with activities that work in spite of the fact that she can't do those things, I need to think of things that will help her develop those abilities.

Also, I've been kicking myself about not having new work-like Montessori activities. But we're still doing a lot of day-to-day practical life stuff -- setting her place, putting her dishes away when they're clean, gardening.

And maybe it's time to turn my attention more to the Waldorf blogs. She's doing more imaginative play, like pretending to be different animals each day (did you know that a dino's favorite food is melon?). I may need to look into setting up her play environment to encourage her to take that on more independently.

Thanks for being my sounding board. :)

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  1. I can't say that I ever subscribed to a true philosophy of child rearing and education for my sons, but I think any mom would say that there are times in your child's life that you just can't wrap your head around them or the right answer for them. I know of several ages where when asked what my son would like for his birthday, I scratched my head and said "I have no idea what he likes right now" do not let that be a discouragement to doing the best that you can for your child. You are obviously doing extremely well, and we are always glad to be a sounding board whenever you need it.


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