Sunday, February 21, 2010

Awesome Safari haul!

I've been slowly collecting Safari miniatures, in the form of their 12-piece Toob collection. I got one with a 50% off coupon at Michaels (North American wildlife), then found some on sale at TJ Maxx (Galapagos, Big Cats, Monkeys and Apes).

When I was at SeaWorld today, I saw that they had a build-your-own Toob in the Wild Arctic store. For $10, you can fill either a traditional tube or a small plastic case with loose Safari animals -- sharks, whales, penguins, etc.

I wasn't sure if the price would work out, so I started to fill one of the cases to see how many I could get in there.

(There are 26 in the picture -- I let Nugget have the double polar bear and seal to play with.)

I ended up filling the case with 28 animals -- every unique one that I could find, and two doubles. Piece-for-piece, it's about the same price as buying them with a coupon (24 vs 28 pieces). But I got animals from a variety of toobs, and in great enough quantities that I won't need to buy the Whales and Dolphins, Sharks, and Penguins.

I'm quite happy with my little haul! Maybe I'll make up another beginning/ending sound exercise for Nugget for next week.

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