Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 3 review, week 4 preview

Not much of a break this week! We got that bonus day in on Saturday and DH has yet another doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so we may have time to pop in the room before the library's storytime. So only one day off.

Week 3 went pretty well, I think! Nugget absolutely loved the beginning and ending sounds, toothpicks, and Smelling Bottles. She's still excited and runs toward the room whenever I suggest doing some Montessori. And she still asks for the sink and float material back. :)

I'm simply happy that we're going into week 4. Things were so rough in the beginning, but we just needed to push through it and start to find our own rhythm. We're not totally there, of course! But I can see progress, and that makes it all worth it.

This week I'm going to keep a lot of the existing materials out because she's actively working on so many of them. I'm tempted to replace the animal beginning/ending sounds, but the fact that she works with them every time for so long makes me think she's still getting something out of them. Maybe I'll try to add in a few of the more obscure animals.

I do need to make some environmental changes. The lighting in there is just terrible -- and now the overhead in that section of the room is burned out. I need a new bulb in there, a brighter bulb in the floor lamp, and maybe even a couple more lamps. Ugh. It's just so dark back there. No natural light whatsoever. Well, we do what we can!

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  1. I had a similar situation, and a couple of light really brighten the place. Also art on the walls, and letter cards maps and so really does help too.
    Good luck for week 4!


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