Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 2, day 2: purposefully short visit

Nugget woke up very go-go-go-active this morning, spending her time doing things like running around in circles, jumping on the bed, and throwing various balls and soft frisbees around the house. This is pretty unusual for her -- she's always been slow at and relatively uninterested in gross motor skills, and much more into sitting quietly to be read to or doing puzzles. That's why I chose Montessori for her.

But sometimes she gets into these phases where she goes (for her) crazy. Sometimes it's a day or two, sometimes it's a few weeks. But I know that getting her to sit still for things is practically impossible while it's going on.

So I purposefully didn't invite her into the Montessori area this morning; I figured I'd let her choose it herself if she wanted. A bit later in the morning, while I was showering, she and my husband wandered into the area and she decided to work for a little bit. She apparently chose the bells and did them perfectly a couple of times. Then the containers -- no surprise -- while telling some elaborate story about the little snapping container (which is book-shaped) being a book about Daddy's patients and how they did their Montessori work after Daddy checked them out.

Then I worked on the Pink Tower for a while to see if I could draw her into it, even choosing to allow (and then demonstrating) knocking it down to add a point of interest. She got involved a time or two for short periods, and demonstrated a strong grasp of noticing and correcting errors in the construction.

Things petered out after that, for a total of maybe 20 minutes. It was as much as I could have hoped for, with her as gross-motor as she was today. Hmm. Maybe if she's still in this state tomorrow, I can work in some of the across-the-room activities. I don't really have anything out for matching, but maybe fetching Pink Tower blocks from the other side of the room.

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  1. Fetching's a good idea. Or you could do some walking on the line or music and movement type of stuff. I recently was reading a description of the original Casas, and they had a time everyday where the teacher would play the piano and the children could march or dance to the music (if they wanted to - some would continue with what they're working on).


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