Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Safari Toobs

So, I spent over an hour on Sunday night and 30 minutes tonight attempting to identify the 80+ Safari miniature animals that I got in the various Toobs. I was on my literal LAST animal -- a shark -- when my husband (who was helping over my shoulder as he ironed) flipped the shark over to get a better look.

"Hey, look, it's written on here!"

So I flip one, and squint, and angle it just right under the light... and sure enough, it's marked "China" and "SeaWorld" and ... "Leopard shark".

I rip into the bag of whales and dolphins I just painstakingly identified... and they're all marked. The penguins? Marked. Galapagos, monkeys -- all marked. Only the big cats aren't.

/me kicks myself

(Side note: I did pretty well!)


  1. At least you now know your animals better :)

  2. You have GOT to be kidding me! It took me HOURS to identify those dang penguins! I just went and looked and only about half of my toob animals seem to be marked, but the penguins sure are. It was hard to find and read the the labels even when I knew they were there. I didn't even see them when I was painstakingly handpainting on corrective paint to make them match the penguin the were supposed to be.


  3. My Boy's Teacher -- I totally thought of you when I discovered that! The labels are VERY hard to see, especially on the penguins. My husband thinks that the non-labeled ones are older (they also seem to be made of a different sort of plastic). I'm going to try to check each Toob before I buy it now!


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