Monday, September 20, 2010

Discussion question -- what do *you* do during Montessori time?

I'm still trying to figure out what works best for Nugget and I, and I'm curious about how other moms handle this. What do you do during your little one's dedicated Montessori time?

Do you sit with them, maybe have some activities to do together, talk with them through works, etc?

Or do you distance yourself, have your own work (a book or something), encourage them to work independently?

Comments encouraged!!


  1. We are new at this. My oldest is the only one normalized, the twins are bulls in a China shop. Right now, I set up and sit. Then I help carry trays or work out ground rules. When the lil ones are napping, we work so differently. I give new lessons, and she is independent. I look forward to what everyone says. Good topic!

  2. I thought I commented on this last night but now I don't see it...

    At the beginning of each time in the room, I start out by giving all of the lessons for the new work that are out. Then I let her work independently while I'm observing her (in the same room...I'm either in front of my laptop or my kindle planning the next day's lessons during this time so she doesn't think I'm staring her down. LOL! My albums are on my kindle, so I can read over lessons.) If she asks me to join in or to read a book or whatever, I will join her of course. But other than that, I try not to interrupt her concentration, since Maria Montessori noted that one of her goals was always that intense concentration children get when they're really into a work.

    I'm also usually chasing the 20 month old around the room, helping her with the work trays, cleaning up her messes, etc.

  3. Sometimes the kids work very well alone and I just sit and work on my own stuff. Other days I sit and pull a work out so I can get my daughter, 4, to want to do something. Other days they just don't want to do any Montessori Work and so we work on other things.

    I am definitely always in the room they are working in.

    I am still trying to figure out how to work with the kids. I was just thinking this week how any card work I make is never pulled back out by the kids. I am planning on changing this since it is a lot of work for me and they are not interested.


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