Saturday, September 25, 2010

Progressive Phonics

We're giving Progressive Phonics a try over here. The thing I like about it is that Nugget is reading words right off the bat -- a nice way to contradict her insistence that she can't read. I also like that the words she can read are mixed into a story that I read, so the stories are more interesting than your basic phonics starter. And, of course, having the main character be an animal is a big plus for my animal-lover. :)

Although she's sounding out the words in the first 2 books, she's definitely got a developmental leap or two to go before she's really reading. In the meantime, I think this is a nice, low-key way to keep the letter sounds fresh for her and keep her from getting stuck in the "I can't" rut.


  1. Thank you for the progressive phonics link. I looked at it and loved it! I love all of the activities and little books! Thank you.

  2. I am a Tutor, and helping children learn to read using phonics is my specialty.

    Here is a link that explains the biggest obstetrical children have in learning to read. It is 4 free videos


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