Sunday, September 12, 2010

Topic overview: Senses (September, wk 2)

Going for 5 days this week to give one day to each sense.

In addition to our topical activities, I'll be swapping out the oldest Practical Life almost every day (aiming to have one whole hand, one wrist turning, and one three finger grasp out). The week will start with last week's pouring lentils into two small cups and moving water with a sponge. The first day will add transferring with tongs.

We'll also be moving forward in Language Arts with rhymes, story sequencing, and the Moveable Alphabet.

In Math, I still have out tanagrams and will introduce a pattern activity (which she started asking about last week).

Sensorial will grow a lot this week as I bring out materials that relate to each sense. I also added the Brown Stair.

Each day will have the appropriate book from the series "Exploring our Senses" and "Rookie Read-About Health" in addition to the fiction book listed.

Day 1: Sight
  • Color shade matching (homemade material using paintchips and clothespins; never been a big hit with Nugget)
  • Color 3 part cards (no real interest so far in 3 part cards, but I chose our family members' favorite colors as a hopeful point of interest)
  • Night vision experiment
  • Color mixing with food-colored pudding
  • "Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you See?", Eric Carle
Day 2: Hearing
  • Silence game
  • Listening walk
  • Bell/no bell sorting
  • Sound eggs
  • Sound bingo
  • "Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?", Dr. Seuss
Day 3: Smell
  • Smelling bottles w/ cards
  • Salt dough or play dough w/ scents
  • Herb & spice 3 part cards (maybe)
  • "A Very Good Smell" (Peep and the Big Wide World), Laura Gates Galvin
Day 4: Taste
  • Tasting bottles w/ cards (sweet, salty, sour, bitter)
  • Mystery flavored yogurt smoothies (strawberry, banana, vanilla)
  • "Pie in the Sky", Lois Ehlert
Day 5: Touch
  • Touch tray (various textures: sponge, spoon, feather, etc)
  • Mystery bag
  • Texture balloons
  • Art project w/ friend: textured paint
  • "Tickle the Duck!", Ethan Long

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  1. Your five senses works sound just great. Hope that Nugget enjoys these activities.
    Have a nice Monday!


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