Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept wk 2, day 2: Hearing

Just under an hour in the room today. We did a game where I played various sounds and she chose the picture of its source. I think you can find the sound files online if you search for sound bingo.

We tried to work on identifying middle sounds (sorting CVC words for e vs u), but she just wasn't hearing them. I put out and she worked on opening and closing containers, as well as more sequencing. I think most of our time was spent on the Pink Tower and Brown Stair -- she initially built the BS incorrectly, but eventually corrected it. It's still just on the edge of her grasp, I think.

Sorry these are getting short -- I'm feeling pretty swamped by getting things set out for the next day, prepping materials for the next week or two, and planning topics further out.

Tomorrow -- taste!

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  1. It is hard to keep up with preparing for the next day AND blogging about how it all goes! I was having a similar struggle, and now I just post my mail wrap up weekly, with subject oriented posts during the week if we do anything noteworthy. I'm enjoying following along with your learning.


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