Sunday, September 19, 2010

Topic overview: Human needs (Sept wk 3)

Monday: Food
  • Books: "Bread Bread Bread", Ann Morris; "Eating the Alphabet", Lois Ehlert
  • Topical activity: plant to food matching cards
  • Practical life: place setting
  • Language: initial sound book - foods
  • Math: TBD
Tuesday: Clothing
  • Book: "Clothes from Many Lands", Mike Jackson
  • Topical: dress-up paper bear
  • Practical life: dressing frames
  • Language: initial sound book - clothing
  • Math: TBD
Wednesday: Shelter
  • Books: "Houses and Homes", Ann Morris; "How a House is Built", Gail Gibbons
  • Topical: types of homes classification
  • Practical life: TBD
  • Language: initial sound book - household
  • Math: counting around the house
Thursday or Friday: Communication or Family/Friends/Love (undecided)
  • Books (communication): "Communication", Aliki; "What is Your Language", Debra Leventhal
  • Book (family/friends/love): "Big Brother Little Brother", Penny Dale
  • Topical (family/friends/love): family tree
  • Practical life: TBD
  • Language (family/friends/love): initial sound book - family members
  • Math: TBD

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