Saturday, September 4, 2010

Topic overview: Human body (September, wk 1)

Here's what I have planned, created, or checked out for this week. It's a lot; I don't know how much we'll get through, but we'll use what we can. In addition to this, I'll have a couple of Practical Life activities out, the basic Sensorial (Pink Tower, Cylinder Blocks), and some early literacy (sequencing).

Day 1: Bones and muscles
  • Skeleton puzzle
  • Weighted containers to pair/sort (yogurt smoothie containers filled with sand & glue)
  • Cards to match animal to skeleton (available on my Box -- see sidebar)
  • Dissolve chicken bone in vinegar
  • Glue uncooked pasta onto body outline to form "skeleton"
  • (hopefully) an x-ray of her stuffed Bullseye with metal skeleton
  • "Jessica's X-Ray", Pat Zonta
  • "The Skeleton Inside You", Philip Balestrino
  • "The Visual Dictionary of the Skeleton"
  • "Funnybones", Janet and Allan Ahlberg
  • "My Muscles", "My Bones", Carol Lindeen
Day 2: Heart, lungs, brain
  • Appropriate felt organs on body cut-out
  • Appropriate cards to match organ to location in body
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Simon says
  • "My Brain", "My Heart", Carol Lindeen
Day 3: Digestion
  • Digestion demonstration
  • Appropriate felt organs
  • Appropriate organ cards
  • "My Stomach", Carol Lindeen
  • "What Happens to a Hamburger", Paul Showers
Day 4: Staying healthy (food, exercise, cleanliness)
  • Hand washing demonstration (cover hands in cinnamon, demonstrate washing)
  • Healthy/not healthy food cards
  • Vegetable printing
  • "My Amazing Body", Pat Thomas
  • "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", Eric Carle
  • "You Are What You Eat", Melvin Berger

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  1. Wow, that does sound like a lot! But it sounds fun, and like it would fill the days, which I always love. I've been thinking about doing something with a bones theme lately, and I picked up a little toy skeleton (Halloween decorations!) at the dollar store tonight that I thought could be fun to use. So I'll look forward to reading more about your ideas. I also like your idea of posting a Weekly Plan. I have one, but I don't post it, and it might help me to have it in one place.


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