Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept wk 3, day 2: Clothing (human needs)

Wow. Nearly 2 hours today! And a very fun time.

The topic was clothing. We read a book with clothing from around the world, then Nugget headed straight to the activity that had caught her eye when she came in -- the dressing doll.

I got the pictures from about.com's family crafts section, colored them, glued them to felt, and cut them out. Then I made the body out of felt so the clothes wouldn't slide around.

Nugget loved this. She dressed the doll for all different climates and events. And she came back to this throughout her work time; it seemed to give her a break, re-energize her, help her concentrate more on the next thing.

She worked on table setting, using a placemat I made up.

I wanted to work on letter recognition of some the trickier letters, so I printed out some worksheets. I know, I know, so not Montessori. But she loves them, and that's what matters.

She chose the Pink Tower!

Then I showed her that she could make a tower with the Brown Stair.

And that she could build them together.

That really caught her attention. She built and rebuilt those towers multiple times -- sometimes she was WAL-E stacking trash cubes, sometimes she was building a house for Cooper, the teddy bear that joined us today.

Thanks to dressing-doll induced concentration, she also counted buttons into the spindle box - correctly - twice! And then she tried to count them all -- got as far as 17 (skipping 15) before stalling out. She's definitely had a developmental leap with respect to counting.

This is something we didn't get to -- her alphabet book, ready to get pictures of food and clothing items.

This is the current state of the PL shelves -- sock pairing, scooping to a line, flower arranging, place setting, and containers.

Tomorrow -- shelter!

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  1. Your kids are so lucky, to have a room full of lovingly prepared activities every day! My son would be in heaven. I think we'd have to drag him out. I had to laugh about the worksheet. I also felt I would be a very Montessori-minded mom (whatever that means), but my son loves when I make him little worksheets like that, and he learns really well from quizzing (orally and on paper), so he's happy, I'm happy, and he's learning ... hard to find fault with that. Your kids clearly have a wonderful mix of learning opportunities anyway.


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